January 23 to 25 2019, Santa Clara, USA.

Speaker "Chris Gough" Details

Name :
chris gough
Company :
Title :
Chief Architect
Topic :

AI in the Health & Life Sciences Industry

Abstract :

Learn about solutions, approaches, best practices and real-world examples of the application of AI to the health & life sciences industry including classic machine learning and deep learning

Profile :
Chris Gough is the Chief Solution Architect for Health & Life Sciences at Intel. He meets with enterprise organizations around the world to advise them on artificial intelligence, precision medicine, distributed care, and digital infrastructure. Mr. Gough and team work closely with industry partners and enterprise organizations to design, develop and publish reference architectures and industry proof points that demonstrate the benefits of solutions based on standardized architectures. Mr. Gough has been with Intel for over 20 years and was formerly both product and security architect in Intel’s Digital Health division. In this role, he was the chief architect for several products including, Care Connect, and Integration Services for the Intel Health Guide. Mr. Gough has been an active member of the Continua Health Alliance and was one of the lead contributors to the end-to-end system architecture and interoperability guidelines. He holds a Bachelor of Science in computer science from the University of California at San Diego. 
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