September 08 to 10 2014, Santa Clara, USA.


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peter wang
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Workshop : Introduction to PyData

40min Talk : Interactive Web Graphs and Dashboards with Bokeh

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40 minute talk: Interactive Web Graphs and Dashboards with Bokeh
In this talk, we'll look at the Bokeh visualization library, which provides interactive web graphs and dashboards to Python.  We'll start with an overview of Bokeh's capabilities, look briefly at its architecture, and then walk through a few examples demonstrating how easy it is to build interactive graphs without writing any Javascript.
Workshop: Introduction to PyData
Python is an approachable and powerful language for data analysis and scientific computing.  Over the last 10 years, its core libraries and capabilities have matured and it's now rapidly gaining adoption in data science and data processing.
In this tutorial, we'll take a first look at the language itself and the reasons for its popularity, and then get an overview the ecosystem around scientific Python and PyData.  From there, we'll dive into hands-on examples with the core numerical library, NumPy, and a popular data analysis library, Pandas.  We will learn how to plot data with Matplotlib, generate interactive web charts with Bokeh, and share our analyses with others using the IPython Notebook.
After the basics, there will be a short discussion about Python performance and scaling computation over larger datasets.  This will briefly cover tools like Cython and NumExpr, as well as Pandas and IPython Parallel.  We'll conclude with more demos and examples of additional data science libraries for Python, including Blaze, PySpark, scikit-learn, and others.
Profile :
President & Co-founder of Continuum Analytics. Experienced software developer for high performance computing, computer graphics, data visualization, scientific applications, in Python and C++. Creator of Bokeh and Chaco visualization libraries.

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