September 08 to 10 2014, Santa Clara, USA.


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jim scott
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Using Apache Drill

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Apache Drill brings the power of standard ANSI:SQL 2003 to your desktop and your clusters. It is like AWK for Hadoop. Drill supports querying schemaless systems like HBase, Cassandra and MongoDB. Use standard JDBC and ODBC drivers to use Drill from your standard database applications and your custom applications. Leveraging an efficient columnar storage format, an optimistic execution engine and a cache-conscious memory layout, Apache Drill is blazing fast. Coordination, query planning, optimization, scheduling, and execution are all distributed throughout nodes in a system to maximize parallelization. This presentation contains live demonstrations.

Profile :
Jim has held positions running Operations, Engineering, Architecture and QA teams. Jim is the cofounder of the Chicago Hadoop Users Group (CHUG), where he has coordinated the Chicago Hadoop community for the past 4 years. Jim has worked in the Consumer Packaged Goods, Digital Advertising, Digital Mapping, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries. Jim has built systems that handle more than 50 billion transactions per day. Jim's work with high-throughput computing at Dow Chemical was a precursor to more standardized big data concepts like Hadoop.

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