September 08 to 10 2014, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Dustin Lehr" Details

Name :
dustin lehr
Company :
Title :
Software Engineer
Topic :

Transforming Raw Data into Relevant Analytics

Abstract :

It sure is nice throwing all of your raw data into your Hive-supported Hadoop cluster, but what happens when you need to extract relevant information to build reports for your stakeholders?  What if the format of the data is difficult or impossible to query from business reporting tools in its raw unstructured state? This presentation will explore some of the techniques for building a successful "Analytics Tier" to solve such problems, and will cover the ETL process Staples uses to interpret and transform its data into a format that provides immediate relevance and benefit for the business.

Profile :
Dustin Lehr is currently a Data Analytics Engineer at Staples, where he works to build the necessary Big Data infrastructure to support the growing needs of the Data Science team. He has been in the software engineering field for over nine years and has been working with Hadoop and other Big Data tools since 2012. Dustin's previous experience includes application and web development for Corporate Express, software development for some of the popular video games at Sony Online Entertainment, and systems design and development for the national security industry at Scitor and Leidos (previously SAIC).

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