September 08 to 10 2014, Santa Clara, USA.


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anant venkateswaran
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Big Data Applications and Use Cases in the Utility Industry

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Big Data Applications and Use Cases in the Utility Industry

Profile :
Director, Strategy and Solutions, WIPRO Technologies PUBLICATIONS, PRESENTATIONS & PAPERS –Exercised thought leadership on panels, published, presented & taught Big Data, /Analytics, Cloud Computing, EE/ DR, Industrials, CoGen/DER & Renewables, Grid Modernization, Customer Engagement & Industry Verticals (MES/ Middleware/ Controls/ Automation)  BIG DATA & ANALYTICS – An SME in Analytics, envisioned, designed & executed projects; products and platforms to leverage multiple data sources & provide descriptive, predictive, situational intelligence & EM &V including M2M/ Internet of Things.  CLOUD COMPUTING – A pioneer who played a pivotal role in the launch of Cloud Based offerings and positioning them in the market, leveraged vast experience in all aspects of IT to assist in SaaS/ PaaS/ IaaS.  ENERGY EFFICIENCY, DEMAND RESPONSE, SMART GRID & CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT – Partnered with clients to envision, justify (business case), architect and deploy projects & Consumer Portals enhancing customer outreach & marketing  BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT/ CONSULTANT/ TRUSTED ADVISOR Proven ability to earn trust of customers and business alike, help develop business plans, justify investments. Bring in consulting and pull through orders.  INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE INDUSTRY EXPERTISE  UTILITY - Broad & Deep Experience in regulatory, policy and technology aspects of Electric generation/ BOP, T & D, Customer Engagement & Renewables/ Microgrids, Comms etc., in IOU’s, Public Power, Retailers as Engineer, Solutions Architect, Team Leader, Consultant and Advisor.  INDUSTRY VERTICALS - Broad & Deep Experience in key industry verticals in all aspects ranging from business to Engineer, Solutions Architect, Team Leader, Consultant and Advisor.  SUPPLY CHAIN – Broad and Deep Experience as Engineer, Solutions Architect, Team Leader, Consultant and Advisor in business and technology aspects. Lead Architect for UPS Supply Chain for the largest ever Automated Hub Facility project in Louisville, Ky. Also worked with FedEx and USPS.  SMART PROCESS/ DISCRETE MANUFACTURING - Besides C & I, Energy efficiency, leveraged data and analytics to cut costs, enhance efficiency, productivity and quality in manufacturing. Executed projects in key industry verticals.  IT - Beginning as a developer, progressed as systems, database, network administration, DW/ BI, team lead, PM, architect and Enterprise Applications & Integration

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