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Thinking About AI To Grow Your Fashion Or Design Brand? Let These Companies Inspire You Posted on : Oct 09 - 2021

The world these days runs on data. The accumulation of it, the understanding of it, and the application of it. The companies on this list are established leaders or recognized early stage businesses that are taking AI to the next level so businesses can better understand the playing field through data in order to yield strong outcomes. None of these companies are in the fashion space, per se, but their technologies have very strong applications in retail, human resources, marketing, finance and investing.

From analyzing talent to generating business leads, these are some of the AI innovators to consider when driving forward your fashion or design business.


Hypergiant is a next-generation enterprise AI software company committed to accelerating intelligence transformation. At its core, Hypergiant leverages its AI platform, Hyperdrive, to help companies create lasting AI solutions while at the same time, helping companies to build their own proprietary AI software. While the areas of focus for Hypergiant are large-scale industries such as space and defense, it’s their expertise in infrastructure that makes them well-suited to support production based industries. With Hyperdrive, Hypergiant aims to accelerate machine learning teams to deliver models faster without being locked into any cloud providers.


Talent is the biggest expense any company could have and Visier provides people analytics and workforce planning solutions so that companies are able to better manage that investment. 1 and 3 Fortune 500 companies currently work with Visier to improve important aspects of managing talent such as  employee retention, diversity and inclusion, and engagement. They collect and analyze data through an intuitive self-service people analytics and workforce planning solution by taking all the workforce data, visualizing it and then providing companies with insights that are designed to lead to impactful business outcomes. View More