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What Kindergartners Can Teach Us About Data Analytics Posted on : Sep 15 - 2021

More than 30 years ago, researcher Neil Fleming coined the acronym VARK to describe what he observed about learning, based on his years as an inspector in the New Zealand education system. He perceived that students learned best according to their own individual way of consuming information:

• Visual learners, those who take in facts in graphical and/or symbolical fashion.

• Auditory learners, those who listen carefully during lectures and live presentations.

• Read/write learners, word-oriented people who not only read but also take copious notes.

• Kinesthetic learners, the "hands-on" individuals who learn by doing.

Perhaps surprisingly, that insight applies today to the world of data analytics. Just as VARK has impacted classroom learning, it's become evident that not all businesspeople take in data-driven insight in uniform ways.

Gartner® recently confirmed this observation in its study on what it calls the "augmented consumer." Gartner defines augmented consumers as "an evolution of the augmented analytics market trend that aims to place insights directly into the hands of the decision maker, who would traditionally be thought of as a data 'consumer.'"

Gartner found that analytics dashboards — long the primary means for exploring large volumes of business data — are useful for only a subset of the total universe of data consumers. Dashboards are likely to be just one of many tools for data consumption in the very near future.

"Time spent in predefined dashboards will be complemented — and likely displaced to a degree — by automated, conversational and dynamically generated insights that are customized to user's contexts and delivered to their points of consumption," the report notes. "Dynamic, autogenerated and personalized data stories will offer multiple experiences that leverage a variety of devices and consumption methods, including being embedded in existing business applications and workflows." View More