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MinIO Bolsters Enterprise Chops with K8s Integration Posted on : Apr 08 - 2021

If you’re in the market for a modern, S3-compatible object storage system that works in multi- and hybrid-cloud environments, you may want to keep your eyes on MinIO, which today unveiled a trio of software updates that enhances its integration with Kubernetes and bolsters its enterprise capabilities.

The MinIO object storage system is the brainchild of AB Periasamy, who set out several years ago with the bold goal of “solving” storage. Periasamy, who co-developed the Gluster distributed file system nearly 20 years ago and is the CEO of MinIO, has not achieved that goal just yet, as AWS’s S3 remains the dominant force in petabyte-scale storage. But when you consider that half of the Fortune 500 are MinIO users, then you realize that MinIO is right in the thick of it.

MinIO’s enterprise story improves with today’s announcement, which includes a new Kubernetes operator that simplifies operation; a new operations GUI called the MinIO Console to go along with the existing command line interface; and another GUI called SUBNET Health for monitoring the cluster, fine-tuning performance, and assisting with support calls.

The new Kubernetes operator will not only reduce the technical skills required to operate a MinIO cluster in a Kubernetes environment, but it will also enable organizations to ramp up their use of MinIO environments in a self-service manner, Periasamy says. View More