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AI market value will balloon to US$190 billion by 2025

‘Technology is the future,’ the phrase no more represents the future. Technology has already invaded human’s everyday life through various applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Henceforth, innovations are ruling the world today.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has spread its wings across various sectors. The technology is making all the pointers in the impossible bucket list possible. AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic human actions. AI makes it a reality for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform numerous tasks. It can aid in building a wide-ranging branch of computer science with smart machine capabilities that perform tasks like humans.

However, AI can’t anticipate the entire field as a solo performer. It has held hands with modern emerging technologies like IoT, cloud computing, machine learning (ML), big data, etc. This technological invasion will soon take the market growth to an unprecedented height. Researchers in AI sector predict that the industry will balloon to US$190 billion by 2025.

This prediction is not surprising because AI is around humans and is almost taking humans through their daily life. Starting from automated locks at the door to smartwatches and intuitive TVs, AI is everywhere. A report unravels that around 29% of the companies have reported using AI for their operations in the healthcare sector. It is not the only industry that is taking the path of AI. The article further establishes top sectors that are slowly turning automatic but will see extreme digitisation in the next five years.


AI and its mechanism was already a soothing breakthrough for the manufacturing sector. However, the pandemic has made it more than possible for industries to switch to AI-powered robotics. Some of the already existing AI features in factories are drone cameras and computer vision. Other basic automatic functions like transporting or shifting goods through AI mechanism was taking place. Henceforth, the manufacturing sector is soon looking for predictive and analytical sensors that will allow them to do more complex work. One thing for sure is that this will minimise the human hand in the sector.


Security is a major threat to development in technology. Hard configurations by organisations are turning to be an easy break-in spot for hackers and cyber thieves. We can’t control the cyberattacks anymore as hackers of well aware of the parallels in it. However, one thing that is still in safe hands is the invasion of AI technology to power protection. It is estimated that companies will adopt security solutions that have been amplified with AI technology to continue to safeguard data and reinforce network security. Apart from VPN for protection on devices technology can lean on AI for added protection. View More