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Increasing dependency on data and machines has led to the growth of data science.

The increasingly growing data landscape and need to process voluminous data sets are making data science a most-demanded job across diverse industry verticals. As the COVID-19 crisis has shifted companies’ operations towards remote work, interactions across digital interfaces are growing rapidly along with raising the reliance on data and machines. This is the reason organizations are actively looking for data engineers and data scientists to process, churn and assess data to deliver competence.

Data scientists have the potential to operate between the business and IT ecosystem and drive industries by evaluating complex datasets to untangle insights. The demand of data science professionals has been highly reckoned by industry experts, making it a shout after career opportunity for those who want to play in the modern data world.

 Why Explore a Career in Data Science?

The wave of big data is gaining rapid momentum and winning this massive wave require to have a better understanding and knowledge to dig deep through the data to derive and deliver insights. This is where data science has a role to play that involves data analysis, data mining, predictive analytics, business intelligence, deep learning, and much more.

Pursuing a career in this inter-disciplinary field of study, the first and foremost thing candidates should consider is where will new data science skills take your career? If you are ready to land your career in data science, you must acquire skills like data analysis, data wrangling, machine learning, data visualization, statistics, programming skills, etc. Besides, candidates must have communication and problem-solving skills that will help them become a data science expert.

Explore Job titles in Data Science.

• Data Analyst

• Data Engineer

• AI Product Manager

• Database Administrator

• Business Analyst

• Data and Analytics Manager

Getting Started with Data Science with Top Certifications

With millions of job openings across the world in Big Data, a career in data science roles has become the hottest job of the 21st century. Getting data science certifications are a great way to gain an edge in this evolving field. They will enable candidates to develop skills and help recruiters and hiring managers to hire the best talent. View More