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Agile processes are key to efficient software development Posted on : Jun 29 - 2020

In coming weeks, your development framework will have to be flexible to sustain remote working.

During the Coronavirus outbreak, you are playing an integral role in navigating the crisis, and there is an urgency to lessen the implications of Covid-19 on your organisation’s software development infrastructure. To that effect, we are continuing to bring you articles aimed at helping you to support your developer teams, as with our previous article on How Engineering Leaders Can Support Remote Working Teams During Coronavirus Pandemic. In this article, we will be discussing how to maintain productive remote software development by exploring the essential best practices of agile processes.

Software development team member observing agile processes plan

As most countries have now reached the peak of the pandemic, but remain under substantial constraints. Your business operation, like every other organisation, is looking for ways to strengthen your strategy playbooks. Global organisations are continuing to prioritise support to employees’ safety while ensuring that the company can continue to function in a remote work environment. You were made responsible for implementing the right tools and strategy that will make remote work functionality for engineers possible in a potentially isolated environment.

The software engineering department could be experiencing the most strain as they are heavily reliant on team connectivity and readily available sets of engineering tools to develop software in a distributed team environment. Your software development framework for developing software is currently experiencing tremendous pressure to lessen any potential hits to your infrastructure. View More