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Strategizing for Big Data and AI in Your Business Posted on : Jul 12 - 2019

Understanding how Big Data and AI are going to impact your company is an important step for preparing less skilled employees that may be replaced by automation.

It’s no secret that Big Data and artificial intelligence are taking over a lot of industries, whether it is corporate banking,retail or travel and hospitality. It’s a topic that either terrifies companies who feel unprepared for this innovation or excited by its incredible possibilities.

Yet, with every opportunity comes certain risks. With Big Data, there are numerous aspects to consider, and companies looking to implement Big Data need to be aware of possible challenges. Here, we’ll discuss them in detail.

What to Consider When Dealing with Big Data and AI?

Big Data and the AI it enables will not only change the way business is conducted, but also the entire organizational structure as we know it. Here are some of the most important aspects companies need to keep in mind.

Watch the Legislation Closely

At the moment, few politicians have any strong opinions on how AI and Big Data will change businesses, or came up with any policies regulating this area, so it is unlikely they will suggest solutions to arising challenges any time soon. Instead, many of the best-known futuristic theories come from individuals such as Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk – though both have different opinions on the topic.

One of the biggest challenges now is the threat of replacing human workforce with automation. Some experts, such as Jeremy Auger, Chief Strategy Officer at D2L, have raised the possibility of retraining affected individuals in IT, but then another question pops up – whose responsibility is this retraining? Anyway, companies should consider how they may need to lay off workers in the most respectable way. View More