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Transform 2019: Hear from the movers and shakers in AI Posted on : May 15 - 2019

Artificial intelligence is transforming business and offering significant strategic and practical opportunities, from natural language processing and smart speech to IoT and edge computing.

While the technology has become increasingly democratized, allowing businesses of any size to reap the benefits, some companies and innovators are leading the charge — and they’ll be at this year’s Transform event in San Francisco on July 10 and 11. Join us to get in the room with them and look over their shoulders at how it’s done. They’ll offer inspiring and practical takeaways that are crucial to your business.

Andrew Moore, Head of Google Cloud AI

In an increasingly competitive cloud market, Google is positioning itself as the go-to for everyone from startups to enterprises, with dozens of new AI-powered products and services that are easy to access even for non data scientists. Consider Google Cloud Platform, which offers AI creators a new shared end-to-end environment for teams to test, train, and deploy models from the germ of an AI strategy all the way to launch. Google Cloud is making a bid to differentiate itself from competitors by offering small businesses or startups that depend on a cloud provider’s technology the opportunity to run their models on premise, or on GCP.

Plus there are new classes for AutoML, a collection of premade retail and Contact Center AI services, and AI Platform, a collaborative model-making tool. Developers with little coding experience can use AutoML, while AI Platform is for data scientists — part of Google’s attempt to deliver AI tools across the spectrum of experience and bring useful AI to all industry verticals. Conversations with independent and brand executives at Transform will help put all this in context.

Keynote speaker: Swami Sivasubramanian, Amazon AI vice president

If you’re looking to train machine learning models at massive scale while keeping costs down, Amazon’s AWS also offers all kinds of AI products for developers and business executives. Amazon hopes you’ll tap its SageMaker AI service, which uses innovative techniques to keep the required amount of computing power locked down while providing similar performance. The more data that gets fed through SageMaker’s streaming algorithms, the more training the system does, but the computational cost of doing so remains constant over time, rather than scaling exponentially.

This means the company has created a system that can handle incredibly large data sets running at global scale with the same amount of accuracy as more traditional methods of training AI systems. That’s important for Amazon’s work on its own AI projects, as well as customers’ needs. View More