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Here's How AI Will Change The World Of Sports! Posted on : Mar 15 - 2019

The movie Moneyball, among many things, can be considered as the prime example of data-driven performance optimization in sports. For those who haven’t watched the movie or read the book it is based on, it depicts the story of how the Oakland Athletics’ general manager, Billy Beane, used statistical data and analytics to build a competitive team despite the team’s small budget. His team, which was assembled by analyzing individual statistics of players, data mainly acquired free, went on to have an unexpectedly prolific season and reached unprecedented heights. During the historic season of 2002, the Oakland Athletics competed with and held their own against the best teams in Major League Baseball (MLB), whose budgets far outweighed their own. The team’s achievements — the most remarkable being their famous 20-game winning streak — showed how a data-driven approach can, to a great extent, compensate for a lack of resources and enhance performance by enabling effective decision-making.

Now, more than a decade and a half after the events of Moneyball the world of sports has evolved by leaps. It has increasingly incorporated different forms of technology, the most significant being the use of big data for sports analytics. Now, with the introduction of artificial intelligence in sports, we are witnessing another wave of change from the way games are played to the way they are experienced by fans across the world.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Sports

There are  few things in the world that cannot be quantified. E everything that can be quantified, can be predicted with precision using data analytics and artificial intelligence. The world of sports is abundant in such quantifiable elements, making it ideal for the use of artificial intelligence. The applications of artificial intelligence in sports have become a common sight in recent years. Considering the positive impact they’ve brought about through their growing capabilities, they will continue to make inroads into the realm of sports. Following are a few areas in sports where artificial intelligence is set to become a mainstay component:

Scouting and Recruitment

Although humans are far from being evaluable using objective, quantitative metrics, their performances can definitely be subject to quantitative scrutiny. Sports teams, be it baseball, soccer or any other game, are increasingly using players’ individual performance data as a measure of fit and potential. However, the performance data used for scouting potential recruits doesn’t mean just using the openly known stats like home runs, goals, or passes, but using more complex metrics that take into account multiple factors. However, the perceptual limitations of humans can keep them from accurately recording and assessing these metrics. With the entry of big data and artificial intelligence in sports management, the process of recording and measuring these indicators of future success is becoming easier and more reliable. View More