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5 Tools Use Artificial Intelligence For Cybersecurity Posted on : Jan 12 - 2019

Recently, most organizations experienced a severe fall due to undetectable malware, Deeplocker, which quietly avoided a tight cyber security mechanism. Deep locker utilizes AI models to attack target hosts by using indicators such as face recognition, geolocation and speech recognition. This event speaks volumes about the huge role of AI in cyber security domains. In fact, some people even went on to say that AI for cybersecurity is no longer good for owning technology, but rather a need.

Large and small organizations and even startups invest heavily in building AI systems to analyze large data and in turn, help their cybersecurity professionals to identify possible threats and take precautions or immediate actions to resolve them.

If AI can be used to make the system protected, it can also harm it. How? Hackers and bullies can also use it to launch attacks – this will be a much smarter attack – which will be difficult to fight. Phishing, one of the simplest and most common social engineering cyber attacks is now easy to master by attackers. There are many tools on the dark web that can help anyone get phishing. In such experimental conditions, it is very important that organizations take the necessary precautions to safeguard their information castle. What is better than AI?

How do 5 tools use artificial intelligence for cybersecurity:

TAA tool (Symantec’s Targeted Attack analytics):

This tool was developed by Symantec and is used to uncover hidden and targeted attacks. It applies AI and machine learning to the processes, knowledge and capabilities of Symantec security experts and researchers.

The TAA tool was used by Symantec to fight a Dragonfly 2.0 attack last year. This attack targeted several energy companies and tried to gain access to operational networks.

The TAA tool analyzes incidents in the network against incidents found on their Symantec threat data lake.

TAA reveals suspicious activities at each endpoint and compiles the information to determine whether each action indicates hidden evil activity. The TAA tool is now available for Symantec Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) customers.

X Sophos Intercept Tool:

The tool, the Intercept X, uses deep learning neural networks that work similar to the human brain.In 2010, the US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) created their first Cyber Genome Program to uncover ‘DNA’ of malware and other cyber threats, which led to the creation of algorithms on the Intercept X.

Before the file is executed, the Intercept X can extract millions of features from the file, conduct in-depth analysis, and determine whether the file is benign or dangerous in 20 milliseconds. This model is trained about real-world feedback and sharing two-way threat intelligence through access to millions of samples provided by data scientists. This results in a high level of accuracy for existing malware and zero-day malware, and a lower false positive level. Intercept X uses behaviour analysis to limit new ransomware and boot-record attacks. Intercept X has been tested on several third parties such as the NSS laboratory and received a high score. It was also proven in VirusTotal since August 2016. View More