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How Cloud, Big Data and AI Are Driving the Auto Industry Toward Personalization Posted on : Dec 05 - 2018

A new approach to automotive manufacturing is trending today as direct result of the huge growth in cloud technology, big data/analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). The synergy of new technologies and trends, labeled Industry 4.0, is changing how manufacturers approach design, efficiency and comfort, and in particular, buyer interaction and the customer experience. This focus has shifted into high gear, driven by innovation, new customer lifestyles, and manufacturers who are now looking to “own the road.”  

The Platform Economy Offers New Opportunities

In order for OEMs to stay competitive, it is becoming necessary to build new business models that leverage the continually evolving “platform economy.” Current examples of this include Uber, AirBnB and Spotify, which have embraced internet technologies to re-envision long-established service models into bold, convenient personalized platforms. As consumers get more comfortable with services delivered via web-enabled platforms, manufacturers are now looking to adapt and even perhaps introduce new platforms inside their products across various consumer engagement dimensions.

Such changes are already impacting how consumers shop for cars, select financing, and, with the advent of alternative eco-friendly motors, refuel them. As this trend continues, it has the potential to open a new world of competition driven by innovations designed to enhance the digital consumer experience as much as the driving one. 

Platform innovations are also emerging from software giants such as Microsoft, GE or Siemens, whose Internet of Things operating systems connect machines to the digital world; while others come from startups that are looking to move fast and gain a share of this massive market. For instance, some car sharing platforms permit communities to share cars without owning them. Add to the mix that hybrid vehicles are more affordable and autonomous cars are gaining traction, and it’s clear that consumers are in control — and it’s up to the auto industry to embrace and lead transformation.

Connected Manufacturing Personalizes the Auto Industry

Automakers face an important challenge today: How do established and successful companies adapt and become fully-digital organizations while the industry moves to hybrid, electric and autonomous cars? Automotive advancements just within the last few years include driver-assistance systems such as automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and comfort functions such as gesture control and remote park control. Soon, the driving experience will connect cars to the road by more than just four tires. View More