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Using Machine Learning To Develop Wireframes For Your Mobile Apps Posted on : Nov 09 - 2018

Using machine learning to develop wireframes is an important tool for creating top notch mobile apps. Here's what to know about it.

The term big data had already been coined back in 2010 when I wasworking in digital marketing and would see how strongly big data and deep learning impacted the mobile development profession.

One of the biggest changes is the role of machine learning. Daryna P., a copywriter with RubyGarage, states that the applications of machine learning are virtually endless. Daryna  alludes to a study from SalesForce showing that 57% of customers are willing to share their data with companies that plan to use it to make their experience better.

However, collecting customer data won’t do you any good if you don’t put it into practice. You need to develop a well-thought out wireframe and know what types of data to collect to implement it successfully. Here’s what to know about using machine learning to develop wireframes.

Developing a Proper Wireframe with Big Data

To make your IT project successful, you have to take a rational approach into getting apps done. And in this guide, we’re here to help you make your first mobile with the help of wireframes.

Step 1: Start with Pre-Planning and Research

The first stage is the most vital one because it helps you clearly decide which is the next step. In this step, it’s important to do some significant conceptualizing and research before moving onto the next stage.

To succeed, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Who is my target audience?
  2. Is this a free or paid app?
  3. What’s the main point of the app?

When you have the time to answer each of these queries, then you’ll realize how much time it takes to create the app. This is important at this stage is to analyze your market competitors. We suggest that you do a detailed research on your rival’s app to see what important highlights they’re pushing forth. View More