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Unlocking a $200 Billion Dollar Collectibles Market on the Blockchain Posted on : Nov 09 - 2018

Verified Collection, a tech startup based in Los Angeles, CA is building a connected world where consumers have True Digital Ownership of the physical and digital goods they collect. In my last article, I wrote about why games were poised to change blockchain forever but today, we are looking at a startup focused on unlocking a $200 billion dollar collectibles market using elements of blockchain technology without the barriers found in blockchain companies today.

The promise for blockchain and gaming to drive everyday consumers into this nascent market has caused startup entrepreneurs like Dil-Dominé J. Leonares, Founder and CEO of Verified Collection to think about creative workarounds solving the harsh reality of blockchain’s non-user friendly sign-up process. He sat down with me to explain how they plan to drive mass-consumer adoption without having the need to worry about complicated account creation workflows that hinder current blockchains.

But how does Verified Collection (VC) drive consumer adoption through blockchain technology?

Leonares insisted that Blockchain is here to stay but as with any major operating system, there are updates along the way that help you improve functionality and usability of the platform. Although, blockchain in its current form provides a proven trustless system that can exchange data between two individuals the problem lies in the microtransactions. We saw it with CryptoKitties on the Ethereum blockchain and when you get so many transactions trying to get a consensus approved on this global ledger you start to realize the limitation in blockchain technology.

“We can utilize elements of blockchain that are great while improving upon the user experience whether its on-boarding an individual or actually using this technology on a day to day basis. With the current system in place, it’s as if we’re trying to shove a square peg in a round hole when it comes to consumer applications. Instead of starting with technology, we should focus on the idea and find technology that fits it”, Leonares explained.

It's no wonder that luminaries such as Nolan K. Bushnell, Creator of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese's have decided to advise on the Verified Collection project

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