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With Blockchain Technology, You Gotta' Collect Them All Posted on Aug 09 - 2018

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Like Ash Ketchum was first told by Professor Oak in the world of Pokémon, you gotta’ catch them all. But, in the real world, we opt to collect them all.

If you’re a Millennial, you’re no stranger to collectibles like Beanie Babies, POGS (milk caps), Pokémon trading cards, Yu-Gi-Oh, or even Magic: The Gathering games. With each collectible, either we or our parents, were spending hundreds of dollars purchasing them. But, once we had them, what did we do with them? Well, some actually played with them; but, most often, we encased them on our shelves, put them in protective sleeves, or traded them with friends. If I had to take a gamble, I would say that after a short while, we stopped using them, only for them to end up on a shelf or in a box somewhere in our attic or basement.

The takeaway here is that we could do what we wanted with them, because we owned them. But, have no fear, because despite the technological age we are now in, collectibles are still around, just in a different form. The world is moving on from paper, and when it comes to your most prized possessions, so should you. However, a major issue to note is how to address the items we collect, but don’t necessarily own. Weighing the scale, we have the creators and developers on one end, and the purchasers and consumers on the other end.

So, how can we ensure this industry doesn’t turn into another fad of sorts? It starts with acknowledging that the collectibles industry is here to stay, and the blockchain can help keep them alive.

What Are ‘Digital Collectibles?’

Everyone loves to collect something—whether it’s classic cars, autographs, books, stamps, and as discussed above, trading cards. For the millennial generation and those born in the ‘90’s, for example, it was POGs and Pokémon cards. But, these “collectibles” aren’t new to the consumer market.

But, when you hear the term digital collectibles, you probably associate companies like CryptoKitties with it. But what are "digital collectibles?" Earning over $1.7 billion in 2017, this market consists of digital objects that you have purchased and have total control over—you can keep it or sell it, and the only person who has say over it, is you. View More


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