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Big Data Is Changing The Way People Live Their Lives Posted on : May 16 - 2018


Two-and-a-half quintillion bytes of data are created daily. This could potentially rise even more thanks to better internet access. Today, we can collect big data from every imaginable field we're able to monitor digitally.

The volumes are unprecedented. Big data refers to large sets of info that are analyzed for trends and patterns that offer useful insights. Special emphasis is placed on analyzing people's behavior and interactions online.

The challenge, however, is in figuring out the best way to process, analyze and make useful insights of the information gathered.

Here is why big data is such a big deal.

A Customized Entertainment Experience Just for You

Data on the kind of entertainment we like (e.g., music, videos, movies) can be analyzed, and the insight drawn from it can be used to tailor make a unique experience just for us.

This phenomenon is best observed in music streaming services that process both crowd-sourced data as well as data drawn from their libraries to come up with the most suitable playlist for us. In streaming sites such as Spotify, one gets the added advantage of a new playlist every week.

The playlists and video recommendations provided mean we don't have to browse through millions of songs and movies to get the kind of entertainment we like. Big data refines our options for us.

Big Data Contributes To Our Safety

When it comes to the relationship between big data and safety, the impact is much more indirect. Insights drawn from big data are used to predict the places and blocks of time that crime is likely to be committed.

The information provided can assist police to determine where to station their officers as well as what times.

While we might be a little far off from the predictive accuracy seen on films like Minority Report, having police at the right place and at the right time will inevitably save lives, and that's an invaluable improvement. View More