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Blockchain Development Primer for New Solidity Programmers Posted on : May 16 - 2018

If you're starting to use Solidity for cryptocurrency authentication here's a solid introduction to the language and some advice for learning it.

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology. It was developed to authenticatecryptocurrency transactions, but is now being used in a variety of other applications as well. It can provide a wide range of authentication functions, which are used in intellectual property management, traditional banking and verifying academic credentials.

Solidity is a high-level programming language that serves as the basis for many blockchain solutions. It depends on contract functions, which are post conditionals that expand the existing functionality of the base programming language. By coincidence, Solidity Is used to develop smart contracts that are authenticated and processed through the blockchain network, which creates confusion for smart contract programmers. They must differentiate the use of contract methods with smart contracts, since the two have very different contextual meanings.

As blockchain and smart contracts become more widely used, demand for Solidity programmers will grow. Unfortunately, for syntax and hierarchy elements of Solidity are difficult to grasp for many C, C#, Java and other programming professionals. They need to master the nuances of Solidity to overcome the learning curve.

Here are some factors to keep in mind. You can also check out the list of YouTube tutorials on this Medium post if you want a deeper look at the language.

General overview of Solidity

Solidity can handle compilations at the machine level. However, programmers don’t need an in-depth understanding of machine level programming to develop applications in Solidity. Solidity can process high-level programming commands, fragment their inputs and process them as machine level code. This is one of the reasons that it is such a popular language for handling FinTech queries for bitcoin. Bitcoin was a remarkable innovation, which is why it is disrupting other industries.

This approach can have many applications where machine level coding is important. However, programming languages that convert high end code to simplified machine-based commands need to be fairly specialized in order to operate effectively. The process takes a detailed understanding of the human written commands and their applicability to machine-based instructions. View More