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Interview with Kieren James Lubin (CEO, BlockApps) - Speaker at Global Blockchain Conference April 2018 Posted on : Mar 13 - 2018

We feature speakers at Global Blockchain Conference - April 2 - 4 2018 - Santaclara - CA to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Kieren James Lubin (CEO, BlockApps) Topic - "Blockchain Technology In Production"

Interview with Kieren James Lubin

1. Tell us about yourself and your background.

I grew up in New York and I have always been mathematically inclined. I attended Stuyvesant High School where I played football, subsequently going on to play at Princeton where I studied mathematics and physics. After Princeton, I studied biophysics at Berkley where I completed all the requirements of the Phd except for the dissertation. I became very interested in blockchain technology in 2014. That summer, as I began to work closely with Vitalik Buterin on the Ethereum Project, blockchain slowly started to take over my life, resulting in the culmination and founding of BlockApps.

2. What have you been working on recently?

I used to write software for the company. Now I recruit, set budgets, manage investors, attend conferences, work on business development, and talk with accountants and lawyers.

3. Tell me about the right tool you used recently to solve a customer’s problem?

Our approach is to focus on software developers and their needs. Developers like to maximize their productivity so we provide API’s, dashboards, and STKs to make their lives much easier to build and deploy blockchain applications.

4. Where are we today in terms of the state of Blockchain, and where do you think we’ll go over the next five years?

While blockchain has reached the mainstream in terms of public currencies and people's’ interest in selling those currencies, it has seen relatively large scale implications in enterprises. We still have a distance to go before the technology is mainstream and part of everyday life. I think in over five years we’ll see blockchain being less of a buzzword and more of a core infrastructure that we depend on, but don’t necessarily notice that we depend on.

5. You’ve already hired Y number of  people approximately. What would be your pitch to folks out there to join your Organization? Why does your organization matter in the world?

BlockApps is the inventor of a Blockchain-as-a-service and operates at several layers in the tech stack. We build blockchains and blockchain protocols. This sort of engineering is like systems engineering, operating systems, databases, etc. Our backend is written in Haskell, which is an exciting opportunity for many. We’re developers serving companies. We build tools for developers to build applications, lots of node.js tooling, and many other languages as well. Our Sales and Marketing teams are growing.

6. What are some of the best takeaways that the attendees can have from your talk?

Blockchain technology is being applied today in a variety of contexts and it is the best architecture for certain use cases. The technical lift towards getting the technology in production is not as large as some people may believe. I can review some of the technical architectural decisions that go into a blockchain implementation, which may apply to your blockchain application development at home or on the job.

7. What are the top 5 Blockchain Use cases in enterprises?


          1.       Settlement (life cycle of financial transactions and how they are finalized)

          2.       Supply chain transparency

          3.       Insurance claims reconciliation

          4.       User centric identity

          5.       Secondary markets (digitize)

8. Which company do you think is winning the global Blockchain race?


9. Any closing remarks.

Long live the chain!