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Interview with Randy Dean (VP, Business Development, Launchpad.AI) - Speaker at Global Data Science Conference April 2018 Posted on : Mar 13 - 2018

We feature speakers at Global Data Science Conference - April 2 - 4 2018 - Santaclara - CA to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Randy Dean (VP, Business Development, Launchpad.AI) Topic - "Bringing AI Into The Enterprise - The Transformation Has Begun"

Interview with Randy Dean 

1. Tell us about yourself and your background.

I run the business side of Launchpad.AI which is a global professional services organization that is helping some of the largest enterprises in the world bring AI into the company.  I have been on the business side of technology for over 30 years and have been working with AI technologies and bringing AI products and services to market for over four years

2.  What have you been working on recently?

Recently, we have been working on custom applied-AI solutions across a variety of product verticals including telecom, insurance and banking.  Some interesting solutions include use of facial recognition combined with other AI methodologies to help cryptocurrency organizations and banks deal with the issue of identity fraud.

3. Tell me about the right tool you used recently to solve customer problem?

While I am not a technician, we use many of the latest open source tools such as Tensorflow, Keras etc. in delivering our custom solutions.

4. Where are we now today in terms of the state of Data Science, and where do you think we’ll go over the next five years?

Data Science is evolving quickly but still in its early growth stages.  Massive improvements in tools and solution libraries are both rapidly improving results and helping to fill the skills gap inherent in the market.  Over the next five years, more platforms and off the shelf solutions will emerge that will make data science even more effective and efficient and begin to level the playing field for organizations who can’t attract or can’t afford today’s world-class talent that are in extremely high demand.

5. You’ve already hired Y number of  people approximately. What would be your pitch to folks out there to join your Organization? Why does your organization matter in the world?

Our organization offers the opportunity to work on a wide variety of problem sets and their associated solutions.  Many roles in data science have a narrow and repetitive focus as a company tries to solve a particular problem or improve a particular outcome. Our team gets to stay current in the state-of-the-art across many use-cases and therefore develop broad and constantly updating skills.

Our organization is important in today’s marketplace because few off the shelf solutions exist that allow organizations to get real ROI on the use of AI and data science.  Each enterprise has unique projects, customers and data sets that require customized application of AI in order to be successful.  While off the shelf solutions and platforms will begin to emerge over the next few years, enterprises want to see real value today.  We provide that service in the market.

6. What are some of the best takeaways that the attendees can have from your talk?

Key takeaways will be: 

Everything that was invented in the last 150 years will be reinvented in the next 15 years using data and AI -- creating massive business transformation and market disruption

The development of custom solutions (Workhorse AIs) will be the predominant contributor to business improvement for the next few years

ROI from the use of AI is achievable today

The sooner organizations adopt these technologies, the more likely they are to win in their particular market

7. What are the top 5 Data Science Use cases in enterprises?

I am not sure how quantifiable that question really is as data science is a massive contributor in all aspects of the enterprise.  Some key areas are:


Marketing/conversion improvement

Churn analysis and prediction

Employee safety

Predictive analytics for products and services

8. Which company do you think is winning the global Data science race?

There are many organizations in the race.  Top contenders are the biggest organizations with the most budget for data science and applied AI including Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft.

9. Any closing remarks

The use of data science and applied AI should be happening today in your organization. History tells us that rapid adopters of transformative technologies improve their likelihood of success in the market and to be the disrupters, versus the disrupted.  I’m looking forward to discussing the business side of this equation with you in April.