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Automated Schema Matching and Data Unification with Smart ETL Services


Enterprises operationalize multiple business systems and each of those business systems depends on one or more data sources. The core entities managed by these business systems range from customers, products, SKUs, suppliers, parts, date of manufacture, expiry date, part characteristics, schema etc. This by its very nature is a problem of increasing complexity for any industry. If an enterprise were to acquire other enterprises the challenge of rationalizing the master-data becomes even more laborious and difficult. Enterprises typically mandate a data management team and they in turn engage in operationalizing a master-data management platform and deploy a whole slew of ETL techniques to maintain such a platform. These ETL services must be efficient and cost-effective as they are the means to supporting business growth. There are several opportunities to apply machine-learning algorithms to augment and enhance these ETL techniques and make better use of the domain experts to either curate or resolve conflicts in the data unification approach. Taking health and life sciences as a domain, this talk shines a light on the MDM challenge and discusses some of the approaches including using deep learning that can help in making the MDM approach more efficient.


Murali Kaundinya is a senior strategist with technology and architecture with extensive leadership and management consulting experience. He has served in a leadership role conceiving, executing and delivering transformational programs with Fortune 100 enterprises including financial services, health and life sciences, insurance and advanced technology. He was recently a Technology Fellow at Goldman Sachs where he transformed the firm’s distributed software engineering practices into a centrally managed platform optimizing on innovation, productivity, risk management and compliance. He has held leadership roles at Sun Microsystems, Inc. (acquired by Oracle) where he provided strategy consulting services to CXOs of Sun’s top clients across the world. Murali started his career at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland. He has published and presented extensively on many technology topics. He holds several patents in RFID and in the field of Telemedicine.