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Implementation of Digital Strategy and Data Science Solutions in Financial Institutions


With the rapid increase of data science solutions in the finance industry, more and more financial institutions are feeling the pressure to catch up with the trend and become the leader. However, transforming the large amount of financial data into insights and data-driven strategies is never an easy task for financial institutions. The lack of data science expertise and project transparency have impeded the process of data science innovation. 

During this session, Meina Zhou will discuss how Capco successfully helped different financial institutionsimplement large-scale data science solutions, and examine how those financial institutions benefited from those solutions. She will discuss both the core technology components and the technical and business challenges involved throughout the implementation of data science solutions. She will also address the key success factors in successfully executing data science solutions. 


Meina is a data scientist and senior consultant at Capco. She focused on the implementation of data science ideas in financial markets. Prior to Capco, Meina Zhou worked as a data scientist at Bitly for two years. Her core expertise lies in the application of proven data science tools and techniques to conduct business analytics and predictive modeling. Meina has used her business acumen and data science skills to solve business problems, such as churn and upsell predictive modeling. She also has a background in big data analytics and enjoys data visualizations. Meina is a thought leader in the data science world and is an active conference speaker. She enjoys public speaking and sharing innovative data science ideas with other people. Meina received her Master of Science in Data Science from New York University and her Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Economics from Agnes Scott College.