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Balancing Human Creativity with Algorithms


Scaling human efforts and creativity to meet ever growing communications needs requires the use of Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, without losing what it means to be human. Human communications normally do not scale beyond 150 close connections (Dunbar Number) but with the use of Social Media and AI, can be massively scaled and hyper-targeted without losing its authenticity. In his talk, Professor Sponder will outline what it takes to successfully combine the best aspects of human creativity and technology while staying true to the medium and message.


Marshall Sponder develops and teaches cutting edge online and hybrid courses at Zicklin School of Business where he is a faculty lecturer, and Rutgers Business School where he is an Associate Professor and teaches an online large and popular class called Social Media for the Arts which deals with the intersection of the Arts with Technology, Social Media and Automation. Marshall is the lead author of a new textbook titled Digital Analytics for Marketing, published by Routledge