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Rage Against the Machine - Training AI to Identify Hate Speech


An introduction to #SponsorHate, and the process we developed for using AI to identify and quantify hate speech on Twitter as a mechanic to help raise funds for charities designed to protect the victims. This will include a discussion on the human and machine issues we continue to wrestle with when quantifying something as unstructured as hate speech.


With more than 14 years of digital product and marketing experience, Jason has worked with clients such as Coca Cola, Ford, and Microsoft to evolve digital experiences based on real-time feedback and behavioral data. Jason manages a global team of 100 digital analysts across a 1500-person agency who use traditional and unconventional data sets and models to help brands connect more effectively with their customers. Of particular interest lately is Jason’s work using data to define and understand emotional components of human conversation. Jason spearheaded the creation of POSSIBLE’s Empathy Model, with translates the raw, unstructured content of social media into a quantitative understanding of what customers are actually feeling about a given topic, event, or brand. Developed last year, Jason’s team has used this on behalf of clients such as Coke, Microsoft and AT&T with double digit engagement lifts.