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Achieving data science productivity and scale through an enterprise Signal Layer


“Today, there is tremendous demand to infuse data science and advanced analytics into diverse use cases throughout the enterprise – from customer service, promotion and acquisition, to pricing, operations and optimization. However, these projects are typically developed “one use case at a time” whereby a team of data scientists gets the request, proceeds to find the right data, cleaning and preparing variables, training and testing models, and eventually packages the developed code for production. This process is highly inefficient, as data preparation steps are often repeated within each use case, multi-functional (hard to find) experts are needed, and insights get trapped into the code, with limited reusability. We created an approach that breaks the productivity bottleneck by focusing on building a “Signal Layer” – a collection of reusable, highly processed analytical objects, both descriptive and predictive, that power multiple use cases, and are organized around several key entities (such as customers and products). We use examples from large Hadoop-native enterprise deployments in Retail, Travel, Telecom and other industries. We will show how, after the signal layer was built, new use case creation went from months to weeks”


“Anatoli Olkhovets is a Vice President, Product Management and Presales, at Opera Solutions, a global provider of enterprise AI software platform and solutions. He is responsible for understanding user needs, defining product roadmap and specific features, competitive analysis and positioning, technology partnerships, and supporting sales and delivery teams in client pursuits. Prior to Opera, Anatoli was a Director, Product Management for Watson Solutions at IBM, where he led solution definition and development across Financial Services and Healthcare industries. Prior to Watson, Anatoli had several roles at IBM in Corporate Strategy and Chief Analytics Office, focusing on business analytics and business process optimization. Prior to IBM, Anatoli was a strategy consultant with McKinsey and Company. Anatoli holds a M.S. and Ph.D. in Physics from Cornell University. He started his career as a Nanotechnology researcher at Bell Laboratories. His research has appeared in in such prestigious journals as Science, as well as featured in the popular press including Business Week, The New York Times, and BBC News. He holds 6 patents in the field of nanotechnology and business analytics, 18 journal publications and numerous conference presentations. Anatoli is a two-time Silver medal winner in International Physics Olympiads.”