October 23 to 24 2017, New York, USA.


Speaker "Alexis Perrier" Details

Name :
alexis perrier
Company :
Title :
Data Scientist
Topic :

Predictive Analytics with the AWS Machine Learning Service

Abstract :

Among the several Machine Learning as a Service platforms currently on the market, Amazon Machine Learning stands out for its simplicity. Amazon Machine Learning was launched in April 2015 with a clear goal of lowering the barrier to predictive analytic by offering a service accessible to companies without the need for highly skilled technical resources, while balancing performance and costs. This talk will be organized around * The presentation of a standard AWS Machine Learning workflow * Training and testing datasets, regularization, model evaluation, validation, creating end points * Performance comparison with recent autoML solutions or other platforms and libraries * Some shortcomings of the service * AWS ML integration within a streaming data pipeline

Profile :
Lead Data Scientist focused on Natural Language Processing and Predictive Modeling, a background in stochastic processes and signal processing and extensive experience in agile software development. Author of Effective Amazon Machine Learning.

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