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Real Time Management of IoT Data using the Blockchain and a Distributed Network


AnyLog is building a distributed network to manage the IoT data. Using a unique and innovative approach (leveraging the blockchain and a distributed network), AnyLog allows users to store, share, query, and monetize the IoT data in real time, with no reliance on a centralized authority.

 AnyLog inherently solves the problems of scalability, real time availability and high costs associated with the huge amounts of IoT data and it replaces the IoT silos of data with a global and unified  platform to manage the IoT data. In the same way that that Google offers a unified interface to the websites data, AnyLog offers a unified interface to the IoT data. This approach creates an Airbnb for data as it offers a marketplace where data warehouses bid to service the IoT data.

 AnyLog provides an immediate value to data owners as it replaces the long, complex, tedious and expensive processes of creating, managing and scaling databases with an automated and repeatable process to manage the IoT data. 

 This talk will review the main processes in the AnyLog network and compare the approach to the current methods to manage the IoT data. 


Moshe Shadmon is the founder and CEO of AnyLog, a decentralized network to manage the IoT data, and previously the founder of ScaleDB, a database company. Moshe founded several database companies and is a leading expert in data management. His research and work are focused on real time processing of large data sets.