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Blockchains and the upcoming business disruptions.


Blockchains in Education – My vision Kiran Kodithala As organizations start thinking of new models of delivery for their products and services, they are looking for more reliable ways to access customer data and manage it by protecting customer privacy rules and security frameworks. This interoperability and interconnectivity between enterprises so vital for the organizations looking to securely exchange data and rely on the data sources for this information. While this is a very noble effort – it’s often very difficult to implement because of the disparity between each enterprise and lack of common standards for sharing enterprise data. Also, such an interoperability requires contracts between enterprises to respect the disparities between data structures, models and frameworks. Here are some examples of real-world use-cases for the use of Blockchains in different organizations 1. Anyone can manage their financial records in their personal financial portfolio, managed by Blockchain technology. These financial records will act as the data source for lenders, and other financial institutions to calculate credit worthiness and make decisions regarding the financial status of this person. The person managing the portfolio can even sell their financial data if they choose to do so 2. Life Long Learners can store their structured and unstructured learning data on their student portfolio, powered by Blockchain technology. The learner can share this educational information with educational institutions to pursue higher degree. The learner can also share this with prospective employers to secure a job. 3. Patients can manage all their health records in their personal portfolio, managed by Blockchain technology. Patients can share their health records with the click of a button with any health care provider and the Blockchain technology ensures a secure and reliable transfer of health records between patients and health care providers Thanks to Blockchain technology, such issues can easily be resolved by exposing data thorough standardized APIs. Integration Platforms can enable Blockchain APIs at participating organizations. The Blockchain APIs can be used real-time, or support the development of a secure, online database that stores the rules and contracts between participating organizations. Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt every facet of every business in ways we can only dream of. Any business owner or investor looking to take advantage of this upcoming revolution should plan on attending this event.


Kiran Kodithala is the founder and CEO of N2N Inc. ( Mr. Kodithala founded N2N with a mission to create an interoperable enterprise to support customers, vendors, administrators, and other staff and bring about efficiencies and economies of scale. N2N believes that a seamless, turnkey and secure enterprise data integration platform can enable new business models and bring about efficiencies in the cloud-native world. N2N's flagship product, Illuminate is one of the first Cloud Integration Gateways on the market. N2N Illuminate features API Management, API Security, and API Integration in a completely turnkey SaaS platform. In addition to leading N2N Inc., Mr. Kodithala serves as President for OpenEAI Software Foundation. Mr. Kodithala is actively engaged in several philanthropic activities to reduce illiteracy and promote awareness about climate change.