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Using Blockchain for Cybersecurity


Blockchain can be used for many different use case, in many cases transforming industries by enabling services never before available without Blockchain. The talk will show how Blockchain is transforming the way cybersecurity is built by using the strong points of immutability, decentralization, smart contracts, etc. in building out an IOT endpoint cybersecurity application. This is a technical talk showing why you should consider a blockchain security based posture.


Currently using Blockchain projects to transform industries. An advisor to ICO launching companies and speaker on Blockchain as an infrastructure platform. As co-founder of Dcntral, using Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to secure our critical industrial infrastructure. An early innovator in Software As A Service applications, Open Source and overall using the Internet as a service delivery medium. Involved in specification committees for HTTP 1.0 &1.1, XMPP 1.0 as well as writing the bylaws for the Apache Foundation and specification for launching Jabber and Subversion Open Source applications. Experienced with startups to Fortune 500 companies at delivering Cloud applications quickly and at scale. As a senior executive, have negotiated and built major partnership relationships with companies like SAP, HP, Major Banks and Financial organizations. From large companies like IBM & ADP to startups like CollabNet and ResNova, I have delivered product direction for 12 new Software as a Service (SaaS) products to the market. These products include an early commercial http server (1994), an early commercial websites with over 1 million online orders (1996), IBM's first Java Application Server (1998), 2 multi-tenant enterprise SaaS products with 1 million + users from 40k companies (2002-2003), and a 12 million SKU ecommerce site (2010), Aggregating 100’s of API’s product (2014). Specialty: Building new Blockchain models.