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“Critical Infrastructure for Cryptocurrencies”


The digital asset universe currently has no single source for customers to access critical data elements across exchanges, which results in time-consuming manual efforts to compile and analyze information. This issue is especially relevant for funds, fund administrators and other players in the crypto space when it comes to producing audit-ready, accurate and accessible financial data. Having software that can make this process more efficient and accurate will allow more companies working in the crypto space to operate as effectively as possible and deliver value to stakeholders. Libra Tech provides data management as a service, allowing administrators to cost effectively service crypto customers by abstracting the complexities of connectivity and data normalization.


In 2014, Jake Benson founded Libra—the industry’s first software company to develop tax software specifically for cryptocurrency transactions. Libra’s software solutions have evolved with the industry to cover system auditing of enterprise blockchains and institutional-grade crypto-focused financial accounting and tax reporting for businesses. The company works with traditional institutions like Global Banks, Big 4 Accounting Firms, as well as cutting-edge FinTech startups like large Crypto funds, market makers, and exchanges. As CEO, Jake drives the company’s fundraising initiatives while overseeing corporate strategy, shaping primary functions from staff expansion to product development. To date, he has raised nearly $10 million, positioning Libra as one of the best, traditionally-funded technology companies in the Cryptocurrency industry and the leader in the Crypto Accounting, Audit, and Tax domain. Jake previously served as a Capgemini SAP Consultant specializing in international payroll applications, third-party interface development, and business intelligence systems for Fortune 500 clients. In this role, he acquired deep experience identifying business areas that would benefit from advanced technology systems as well as the ability to work with distributed development teams to define and build the solutions. Jake holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from The University of Texas’ Red McCombs School of Business, where he graduated with honors.