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Identity As The Foundation For The Decentralized Future


Every decentralized application needs to verify identities -- whether it be to share a person's data with third parties like banks, to ensure a user has permission to access certain features, or to validate that a device is valid before executing a function. Using blockchain, enterprises and consumers can simplify their experiences across multiple apps. And app developers can get to market faster by re-using the core functionality of identity systems. By using blockchain-based identity, decentralized systems can reduce friction and increase effectiveness, making markets more efficient and responsive to consumer needs.


Christine Ferrusi Ross is a market strategist and consultant working on complex issues of identity, blockchain, and security. She focuses on understanding changing market dynamics and trends, advising companies on how to change their strategies and operations to address the implications of those changes. Christine has spoken many times on blockchain-based identity, particularly how it affects security and privacy. She also works on helping companies understand how business processes that use identity data need to be adapted to work in an environment of new technological possibilities and evolving global privacy regulations. Christine has a background in market research, risk management, sourcing, and supply chain. She spent much of her career as a research analyst studying emerging markets and technologies. She has been widely quoted in business and IT press on these topics.