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A presentation explaining the fundamentals of the both cutting edge technologies and their respective impacts on the media and entertainment industry. Followed by the combination of both technologies - AI & Blockchain utility applications - on the media and entertainment industries including but not limited to: Technological, Operations/Workflow, Employment, Financial, Automation, Transparency, Payments, and more. Highlighting both the positive and negative impacts of each respective technology and the two together.


Currently incubating high performing blockchain & alt. asset investment fund. Enthusiastic about enterprise applications of the blockchain & A.I.! Experienced in all aspects of building & operating organizations from concept to execution globally. Highly motivated self-starter, skilled in working with new and challenging projects and cross-functional teams. I enjoy learning beyond my role and exploring how I can always drive value for my team and organization. I have worked since the law permitted and believe one thrives outside their comfort zone and widening the breadth of knowledge via hands on exposure. Although I began as Co-Founder of IDenTV filing for patents (Publication #US20130282532 A1) that I then lead the work to shape into the suite of technologies and solutions available today. Currently acting Board Member, Chief Operating Officer & Head of Strategic Development and Monetization. Our focus has evolved passed commercial innovations into a new vertical, National Security/defense contracting. Whether motivating from within or taking direction from others I thrive in fast paced, collaborative and delivery-oriented environment. Although my entire body of work cannot be summarized via links and attachments, I hope you take the time to see what I have dedicated my life to successfully creating. About IDenTV: