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How Blockchain lets patients own their data, and why this is a game changer for drug development


The revolution with Blockchain lies in the fact that those who use the technology to share their health data can now own their data and even control its monetization. So how does Blockchain let individuals cut out "Trusted" Third Parties? How will such disintermediation transform the process of generating proof and real world evidence studies for life sciences? Will we have better, safer, more targeted drugs?


A graduate of HEC (Msc.), Sciences-Po (MPA) and La Sorbonne in philosophy (Ba), Alexis has a background in public policy, healthcare reform and strategic consulting. In 2013, he created the B2B department of French start-up Withings, acquired by Nokia in 2016. He became head of B2B for Nokia Digital Health and moved to the US in 2017 to leads its Boston office. Now he is forming a blockchain consortium with Embleema to allow patients to own and share their health data with research transparently Alexis has driven the adoption of digital devices in healthcare with employers, medical providers and life sciences. This worked has involved managing the successful launch and customer implementation of SaaS solutions in Corporate Wellness and Patient Care. He has worked on integrating patient generated health data from smart devices into clinical research A digital health evangelist, Alexis has promoted the vision that patient centric solutions are shifting the logic of healthcare from "fee for service" to "value-based-care".