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The AI game changer beyond 2020 : Innovation in Business Risk Management using Reinforcement Learning and Blockchain.


No business is an Island everyone has to outsource. Outsourcing comes with its own risks ; and the risk becomes exponential once outsourced to a different country. The business itself never aspires to incur financial losses, loss of IP, or, get into legal litigations. Unfortunately insurance is just a cover and a reactive measure. This is where advance technologies like Reinforcement Learning and Blockchain comes as a saviour. In this session I will be talking and demonstrating a real use-case how we have taken Reinforcement learning beyond Gaming/Robotics and Blockchain beyond ICO’s.

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Shubhra is passionate about what he does. He loves extreme sports right from Bungee Jumping, Amateur racing, Mountaineering( Completed Annapurna Trek), to solo globe trips. He has 5+ years of experience in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence . He started as a statistical modeller and then slowly with the industry demand got transformed into a Machine Learning and Deep Learning expert. He still builds AI models. He is also an Adjunct faculty in Artificial Intelligence at Symbiosis Centre of Information Technology and Great Lakes Institute of Management. He is the co-organizer of India's largest Datascience Meetup group that consists of 5500+ members. He has founded a Social Fintech startup in 2011 and has successfully exited in 2014. He has been invited to speak at multiple national and international conferences like MODS, IndiaHacks, TIE Summit, Indian Technology Congress, OpenSource India etc. to name a few. Last year(i.e. 2018) he has spoken or was invited to speak at Redhat Devconf(Bangalore), STEPIN(Bangalore), Global IT Commune(Pune), 6th Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks(Helsinki), AI Summit 2018, DLS(Toronto), AI World(Boston) etc.