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TFX: Production ML Pipelines with TensorFlow Workshop


Putting machine learning models into production is now mission critical for every business - no matter what size. 
TensorFlow is the industry-leading platform for developing, modeling, and serving deep learning solutions.  But putting together a complete pipeline for deploying and maintaining a production application of AI and deep learning is much more than training a model.  Google has taken years of experience in developing production ML pipelines and offered the open source community TensorFlow Extended (TFX), an open source version of tools and libraries that Google uses internally.
Learn what’s involved in creating a production pipeline, and walk through working code in an example pipeline with experts from Google.  You’ll be able to take what you learn and get started on creating your own pipelines for your applications.


Kevin Haas is a senior engineering manager at Google Research, driving the open source adoption of Tensorflow Extended (, one of Google's production ML platforms. Kevin previously served as an engineering leader for multiple machine learning and infrastructure efforts in Google Cloud, Research, and Assistant Infrastructure teams. Prior to Google, Kevin led knowledge and search infrastructure efforts in multiple Internet and software companies, including IBM, Microsoft, and Yahoo!.