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Over 17,000 feet up in the Himalayan air sits Base Camp Everest – a gray, barren, rocky place that could serve as a model for camp grounds on the moon. Climbers arrive at Base Camp excited and apprehensive, confident and anxious – much like companies leveraging AI to improve customer experience. Helen Yu should know: Twelve years ago, she scaled Mt. Everest to Base Camp, and two years ago she founded a firm called Tigon Advisory – it helps start-ups cure the strategy-to-execution gaps that threaten their go-to market plans. Ms. Yu will share four lessons that apply to scaling mountains and companies.

Who is this presentation for?
Enterprise leaders, Startup founders

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What you'll learn?
Learn how to scale their business, key AI solution use cases


Helen Yu is founder and CEO of Tigon Advisory, a Chicago-based firm that equips start-ups to tackle go-to-market challenges that must be met before they can scale; among them: capturing the nuances of customer demand, matching products to market segments, engineering "marketability" into every product, and creating processes to systematize success. A long-time customer success executive and board advisor with a substantial record of scaling businesses, driving growth, and transforming under-performing companies, Helen has built a career spanning from early-stage start-ups to pre-IPO to the Fortune 500, including Oracle and Adobe. The strategies she helped devise for Jebbit - a Boston based start-up that collects "declared data" (the first - party data required by brands to deliver personalized experiences) - paved the way for $12 million in Series B financing closed by the company in April, 2019. Helen is currently serving as an Advisor at Pypestream, a conversational AI company that provides customer services solution at scale.