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AI pushing Innovation in Legal, Tax, Accounting, Governance Risk and Compliance.


Founded in the Netherlands over 180 years ago, Wolters Kluwer is a global leader in information services and AI-based solutions. Our AI solutions, ranges from Content Enrichment Services (CES) to improve access to intelligence locked in the unstructured text; Predictive modeling for predicting bills becoming law, and clinical surveillance; Generating Insights and links between knowledge base in legal, regulatory, governance, risk and compliance; to Conversational Bots helping customers and experts in getting information directly and swiftly. Our AI platform is powered by ML, Deep Learning, and NLP and Big Data. Data Scientists are pushing boundaries targeting high-business-value challenging problems.


Director of Cognitive Computing and AI, Center of Excellence for AI, Wolters Kluwer Dr. Syed Waseem Haider is a Leader and an accomplished Scientist with over 10 years of research experience in Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Behavioral Science. He is an expert in Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. He has built data insights solutions, and processes. He leads and guides Advanced Analytics platform and operations for Health and Behavior outcomes. In his current role, Dr. Haider leads and directs the Center of Excellence for Cognitive Computing and AI at Wolters Kluwer. Here, he guides and architects Advanced Technology solutions for Insights, Optimization, Prediction, and Automation for Health, Legal, Regulatory, and Accounting with Scientists and Engineers. He leads and manages a team of Data Scientists, Architects, Engineers, and Business Analysts. He provides thought-leadership, and consults C-level executives in identifying high value market-opportunities, partners in strategic solutions, and creates Intellectual Property with innovative ideas. In his past role, Dr. Haider led the Department of Data Science in Health and Wellness Solutions at Johnson & Johnson to build Advanced Analytics platform to improve health behaviors. Dr. Haider has led mHealth at Medidata Solutions. He has been a Member of Research Staff at Philips Research, North America. Dr. Haider has developed algorithms ranging from ICU mortality prediction, prediction of Depth of Anesthesia (Surgery), Bayesian model to infer risk of Ketoacidosis for intubated patients, to Clinical Data Standardization using Natural Language Processing and Ontology from UMLS. He has penned article in leading business communications, and coauthored in top peer-reviewed journals and conferences. He has filed patents and inventions. He has excellent communications, and visually appealing power point presentation skills. He holds a Liaison position between Society of Behavior Medicine (SBM) and American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA).