September 25 to 27 2018, Boston, USA.


Speaker "Sri Krishnamurthy" Details

Name :
sri krishnamurthy
Company :
Title :
Chief Technology Officer
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Abstract :

Interest in Neural networks is growing with many areas from image recognition to speech processing reporting impressive results. With advances in software and hardware technologies, and interest in AI based applications growing, it is time to understand neural networks applied to natural language processing better! In this workshop, we will discuss the basics of neural networks and natural language processing and discuss how neural approaches differ from traditional natural language modeling techniques. We will review a bit of mathematics that goes into building neural networks and natural language modeling tasks. We will also illustrate through a case study Sentiment analysis using Deep Learning architectures. Functional Demos will be presented in Keras, a popular Python package with a back-end in Tensorflow.

Profile :
Sri Krishnamurthy is the founder of, a data and quantitative analysis company and the creator of the Analytics Certificate program ( He has more than 15 years experience in analytics, quantitative analysis, statistical modeling and software development and has worked at Citigroup, Endeca, Mathworks and with more than 50 customers in the financial services and energy industries.He has trained more than 1000 students in quantitative methods, analytics and big data in the industry and at Babson College,Northeastern University and Hult International Business school.

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