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The Transformative Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Lives of those with Disabilities.


This talk will focus on the evolution of assistive technology and the impact of connecting AI and other emerging technologies to the needs of people with disabilities. I will discuss the value of the different forms of AI on inclusion, education, and employment opportunities for a population that has been historically left behind. The talk will end with a discussion about forecasted technologies and why their potential will impact all aspects of society.


Shana focuses her entrepreneurial spirit on creating technology that makes an impact, obsessively monitoring global tech trends and developments in artificial intelligence. She has dedicated her career to finding the intersection between technology and transformational outcomes. Shana is the cofounder of an assistive technology company, Puffin Innovations, which is integrating AI and internet of things connectivity to empower those with severe disabilities. Before starting Puffin Innovations, she graduated from the Tsinghua – MIT Sloan Global MBA program in Beijing China. Prior to founding her startup, she lived in China and spent way too many years in the financial industry.