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Data Analysis and advanced Visualization


In this training session, you will learn to use data visualization and analytics software Tableau Public (free to use) and turn your data into interactive dashboards. You will get hands on training on how to create stories with dashboards and share these dashboards with your audience. However, the session will begin with a quick refresher of basics about design and information literacy and discussions about best practices for creating charts as well as decision making framework. Whether your goal is to explain an insight or let your audience explore data insights, Tableau's simple drag-and-drop user interface makes the task easy and enjoyable. You will learn what's new in Tableau and the session will cover the latest and most advanced features of data preparation. You will learn to create Table Calculations, Level of Detail Calculations, Animations and understanding Clustering. You will learn to integrate R and Tableau and how to use R within Tableau. You will also learn mapping, using filters / parameters and other visual functionalities. You will be able to analyze complex questions with ease and work with any kind of data to use your skills as data scientist/analyst. You will gain skills to analyze and visualize complex data sets with ease with minimum programming. In short, you will be guided using couple of data sets and will be taught to build a compelling and convincing story. You will build those stories with best visual practices. This session is for anyone who works with data with some statistics knowledge, regardless of technical or analytical backgrounds.


Priyanka is a seasoned analytics professional. She has about 7 yrs data analytics and consulting experience in with domain varying from supply chain, retail, financial services, education and manufacturing industries. She has worked on projects dealing with several regression modelling, classification techniques and time-series forecasting for demand planning needs. She has experience tutoring statistics and introductory SAS, R and Tableau in the corporate and class environment. She is a independent analytics consultant and works part-time at Boston College. She holds a undergrad in Computer Science Engineering, MBA and MS Economics.