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A radical strategy for building vision driven products


Building a vision and strategy is hard, and cross-functional strategy discussions seem impossibly long and unstructured! Most articles and books about building products try to convince you that vision and strategy are important, but don’t provide an instruction manual HOW to create a good vision and strategy. For this session, join the creators of the free Radical Product Toolkit to learn how to create a powerful, far-reaching vision for your product and develop a clear product strategy. This process will help you prioritize product decision making and communicate your vision and strategy to your team.


Nidhi Aggarwal is founder of Radical Product - a movement for building vision driven products. Previously, she co-founded the cloud configuration management startup qwikLABS. qwikLABS was acquired by Google and still remains the exclusive platform used by AWS customers and partners worldwide to create and deploy on-demand lab environments on the cloud. Nidhi led Product, Strategy, Marketing and Finance at machine learning and human expertise based data management startup Tamr founded by Turing award winner Mike Stonebraker. In addition, Nidhi is an advisor/investor in cybersecurity, AI and MEMS startups. Before founding qwikLABS, Nidhi worked at McKinsey & Company, advising Fortune 150 companies on Big Data and Cloud Strategy. Nidhi holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. She holds 7 US patents.