September 25 to 27 2018, Boston, USA.


Speaker "Matthew Shump" Details

Name :
matthew shump
Title :
VP Data Science
Topic :

Customer Personalization

Abstract :

Through data, analytics and the right technology, it is possible to scale the way we provide 1 to 1 personalized experience to customers. I'd like to outline a successful framework.

Profile :
Matt Shump is a hands-on Analytics and Data Science executive. He currently serves as head of Analytics and Data Science at Endurance International Group. Prior to that he started and lead the Data Science team at Cigna. He grew up a data scientist working in BI, Decision Support, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Data Management. Now his passion is sitting at the intersection of Data, Analytics and emerging technology to build teams and solutions that drive measurable business impact. Matt is a University of New Hampshire alumni where he received his M.S. in Statistics, B.S. in Mathematics and is also Black Belt certified in Lean Six Sigma.

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