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Applications of AI & data science in healthcare


Applications of AI & data science in healthcare


Marinka has diverse exposure across multiple players within the healthcare space. Her current focus at Cota Healthcare leverages her knowledge in medical management, informatics and healthcare insurance to develop product solutions around value based care in the oncology space. She lead a Data Science & Reporting Analytics team at Aetna within the FWA space responsible for building a realtime scoring engine within their claims adjudication platform with zero disruption. Prior, she lead SCIO's Health Analytics client delivery across a broad set of data integration and analytic capabilities for member and provider solutions. She has over 20 years of experience in healthcare data, analytics and valuation which includes a unique combination of tactical healthcare expertise with strong qualifications in business analytics and management. She's also lead analytics at LifeCare to successfully realign client, marketing and outcomes to their new business strategy. Her other roles at Complex Care Solutions and CIGNA healthcare encased building informatics pipelines to improve operational performance & outcomes valuation in the Wellness/Medical Management space. All roles included restructuring an existing data platform into a cross-functional analytic warehouse to enhance client service marketability & value propositions. She holds a Masters of Administration from Rensselaer with a background in medical anthropology & epidemiology.