September 25 to 27 2018, Boston, USA.


Speaker "Laura Montoya" Details

Name :
laura montoya
Company :
Title :
Topic :

Ethics and Impact of Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Abstract :

Are you concerned about social and ethical issues related to artificial intelligence (AI)? Whatever your background or experience, this workshop is for all will undoubtedly be affected by AI’s rapid impact on our shared world. This presentation is a mix of research-based scenarios with interactive discussions and activities, addressing the impact of AI on our society. Specific topics addressed include: Embedding Values into Autonomous Intelligent Systems, Methodologies to Guide Ethical Research and Design, Personal Data and Individual Access Control, and Economics/Humanitarian Issues of AI Development.

Profile :
Technical problem solver turned serial entrepreneur and startup advisor. I am driven by self-empowerment and the endless pursuit of knowledge. I pride myself on having a growth mindset and finding novel ways to apply and share what I know while creating value for myself and others. Team members have described me as a natural and versatile leader with a passion for Artificial Intelligence, Research, Psychology, and Entrepreneurship.

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