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Adaptive Learning Systems


The sheer volume of information in our world today is overwhelming with terabytes of new data created daily. Humans have a unique ability to sift through irrelevant information -- but do machines? We'll discuss some of the ways in which adaptive systems distill information to their most essential -- and relevant parts. We'll also discuss use cases to drive value both in business and in the consumer's personal life.


Dr. Davis has wide expertise in development of products using artificial intelligence (NLP, machine learning, deep learning, facial recognition), and big data/data science tools and techniques. She is accomplished in using these skills to help drive strategic decision-making and product development. Jennifer enjoys learning and interacting with others across disciplines and groups. Inventions and innovations have stretched across academia, government and business sectors. She performs due diligence for software products that include artificial intelligence, machine intelligence as well as cloud computing platforms. Social Good Project: Socio-emotional Intelligence is the single most important skill kids need to succeed academically and in life. We have a plan to make socio-emotional learning fun for kids, and easy for parents to coach!