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AI, Blockchain & the Future of Work


The exponential advances in AI and other technologies, coupled with the gig economy, have already begun to change the nature of work in the 21st century. This is the stuff of dystopian specters and idyllic visions. China has already implemented AI-based societal control and is working to spread their system throughout the country. Others are working to create a more efficient form of work built around the human experience that enables people to spend their time on what they do well and enjoy, using technology to reduce or eliminate effort on mundane tasks and approval processes. Nearly every technology has positive and negative implications. This presentation and discussion will explore the promise of AI, smart contracts and how we can ensure these technologies will enrich humanity.


Mr. Swartz is a Data Scientist helping others to adopt and expand Machine Learning and blockchain implementations to solve business challenges. He has achieved state of the art performance with IBM Watson, exceeding 97% accuracy, resulting in two patents. Currently Chief Scientist at BlackboxAI and advisor to multiple startups, Mr. Swartz brings over 45 years of experience in software engineering, research, marketing and consulting with Apple Computer, University of Colorado, IBM, Seagate Technology, Sun Microsystems (Oracle), Welltok and multiple start-ups. He contributes a rich, multi-disciplinary perspective based on his work with machine learning, virtual reality, information systems, web/mobile solutions and global technology management. Mr. Swartz is an active advisor to startups on best practice for deploying Machine Learning solutions and is a Quora Top Writer (Jacque Swartz) on IBM Watson and Machine Learning topics. LinkedIn:, Twitter: @JWSwartz, Git: jayswartz