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AI in Financial Services


With roots all the way back to algorithmic trading in the 1980s, the financial services sector has long been home to innovations in machine learning and AI techniques. We’re now in the midst of a rapid acceleration AI investment in financial services, touching nearly all corners of the financial services industry. In this talk, we’ll discuss the highest-value uses for AI-based cognitive systems already in use today in financial services companies, as well as survey the burgeoning startup landscape to speculate on the high-potential use cases that might emerge over the next several years.


Hannah is an Associate at F-Prime Capital, where she focuses on early-stage investments in FinTech and Enterprise Technology. Prior to joining F-Prime, Hannah worked with startups in Johannesburg as an associate with Secha Capital and as a consultant with Bain & Company in Atlanta, where she served large tech clients and worked extensively with the Private Equity practice. In her role, Hannah interacts regularly with startups working to bring AI to the enterprise, particularly in the financial sector. As a result, she has a close read on which AI use cases are getting the most traction within financial services today, and will share her perspective on the strategies that will define winners and losers in this emerging field. Hannah received her BA in Public Policy from Duke University.